Sefa Çetin, Erol Turan, Reha Atakan Çetin, Oğuz Hamşioğlu


With regards to the recent developments, the question of “What is the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Turkey-EU relations?” will be discussed in relation to the argument that while refugee issue has brought the EU and Turkey closer, the crisis should not be made a part of the unstable negotiation process anymore, since many preciousrefugee lives are put in danger for the sake of national interests and daily politics. Turkey has begun to reform and regulate laws in accordance with the European Union laws as a process of alignment and harmonization. Under the National Action Plan for Adoption of Acquis on Asylum and Migration, the required steps were taken, and a timetable was introduced in line with the EU laws and regulations with regards to the migration and asylum policies. Readmission Agreement (2013), Joint Action Plan (2015) and the EU-Turkey Deal Statement (2016) came into force with the contributions and efforts of Turkey and the EU. As a result of this joint action,, Turkey-EU relations were renewed in a more cooperative approach fulfilling  partnership and cooperation objectives, after a period of ups and downs within the long  history of Turkey’s accession process. Fulfilling the obligations and keeping the promises are very important for both sides because it can pave the way for the improvement of the relations. From the Turkish perspective, the increasing instability in the region and Turkey’s isolation from the EU have made the Turkish public think pessimistically about the relations with the EU. In the study, the issue of how the refugee crisis contributed to the relations with the EU will be analysed together with the approaches of both sides to the crisis. Considering the scope and effectiveness of the crisis, the challenges for both sides will be evaluated. Depending on the recent situation and possible threats, the future of the relations will be analyzed and recommendations will be discussed.

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